Profiles in One for One: Joey receives new Sports Shoes

April 6th, 2015 by TOMS

You may recognize Joey from our Giving in the U.S. video, but we wanted you to get to know him as well as we do. He’s a really cool kid and we had a great time when we were in Kentucky shooting hoops and talking basketball.

Joey is 11 years old and lives in Eastern Kentucky. He’s in the sixth grade and already has big dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. Joey’s smart. He knows that becoming a professional basketball player wont’ be easy. In fact, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, he tells us, but that he’s willing to practice every day. Right now, he’s most focused on his rebounds, assists and free throws, practicing at the hoop outside with friends.

“Sometimes, things are not easy, but you have to give it your all, “ Joey smiles shyly and says quietly.

This is also true of life of his hometown in Kentucky, which is located in one of the most impoverished counties in the United States. But it’s also a place where TOMS Giving Partner Save the Children distributes new shoes to children through its Healthy Choices program.

After receiving his new TOMS Sports Shoes, Joey is excited to hit the court and practice his game. He imagines making the winning shot as the buzzer sounds, down by one against the New York Knicks: “I take the ball down the court…I get the ball in the corner and I shoot it just in time. I make it, and the crowd goes wild.”

Your TOMS purchase does so much more than just give a new pair of shoes to a child somewhere around the world. It also gives them the power to stay healthy, active and dream big. To learn more about how TOMS gives, visit