5 Styles we are looking forward to wearing this Spring

February 13th, 2014 by TOMS

Listen, we get it. All this talking about Spring when plenty of you are still battling snow on the ground- it’s tough. We are just SO excited about our newest collection we can’t help ourselves! While some of you won’t be heading to the beach this weekend, we thought we would pull together 5 of our favorite new styles we are looking forward to wearing… whenever that time comes!

1. The Matte Black James

Referred to as the ‘boyfriend jean’ of sunnies by the guys on our Eyewear team we (being the ladies of the TOMS social media team) can’t wait to steal these from our dudes and wear them with messy beach waves and a bright colored lip. Bonus points for a slouchy sweater and some denim cut-offs.


BUTTTTTT that doesn’t mean that this is a ladies only style… hint hint: we are talking to you stylish gentleman friends. Embrace this modernized black style frame with rad updates like matte and crystal details. Put these on and you’re practically James Bond.



2. Paseo Mid

Break out of your fashion comfort zone and consider a pair of Paseo Mids. Dress ’em down with a flannel shirt and some board shorts to hit your local coffee spot or rock them with some denim for a date night look. Either way you will be looking super fly and ladies will come running.



3. Chambray Platform Wedges.

We have seen a couple of girls at HQ jump the gun on wearing these with thick tights, long wooly socks and flowy boho skirts. Not gonna lie- looks super babe-ly. But, if you’re like us and holding out til Springtime, we will likely be pairing these with ripped black skinnies, short party dresses and even a short suit if we are feeling fancy.


4. Jutti Flat

AHHHH we are so excited to wear these flats it is almost overwhelming. Here are the top 3 ways we are excited to wear them (yes, this is a list within a list):

1. Patterned shorts with a printed crop top.

2. Linen Maxi with an over-sized cardi and some TOMS Marketplace accessories.

3. Overalls and a your favorite vintage tee.


5. Butterscotch Marco

This yummy color lives up to its sweet name and looks uni-sexy on everyone. Accessorize your best bed head with these or pair them with your favorite Canadian tuxedo and prepare for the compliments to roll in.

Looking for more style inspiration? See whats in store for Spring on our just in Pinterest board.